Dear Brethren,

Let me start off with the ‘treat.’  The ‘treat’ is that everyone will receive affordable healthcare.  The ‘trick,’ is that it will never be funded.  There is no possible way a shrinking labor force can fund an ever expanding group of eligible recipients.  Wait!  There is a way.  We can just keep borrowing and borrowing!  We hit the 17 Trillion dollar debt mark today – what difference does it make!  We will just double that debt to 34 Trillion dollars over the next few years – after all – those are just numbers that the house and senate members have shown that they lack the character to address.  The ‘treat,’ is that we can just print money right into prosperity – look at how the stock market is shooting skyward like there is no tomorrow!

The ‘trick,’ is that something might go wrong.  But what could possible go wrong?  All the possible safeguards have been built-in to provide coverage for all low-income Americans and all arriving non-Americans as well.  The new law requires that most employers – those who are unable to get waivers – will provide coverage for their employees.  The government has provided a central health insurance exchange where the public can compare policies and rates – and that is working – we saw where a woman in Delaware has signed up already this week.

There are a few little glitches, as were expected, at the beginning of this very compassionate program – like a huge surge of full-time employees being cut to part-time status, and 90 million unemployed workers.  It is expected that there will be some malcontents – that is what the new internment camps are for – we’ve used them before.  (See: War Relocation Authority.)

Tomorrow’s sermon deals with Halloween – a Godless custom that is based on the same principles that Washington DC is following in its relentless pursuit of the destruction of America.  Halloween is very attractive to the youth and the uninformed – those who still fully expect something for nothing.  In fact, they are beginning to expect everything for nothing.  There is an occult, sinister, dark side to Halloween that few people today suspect or know anything about.  What is the big deal?  What does it hurt?  Isn’t it good social interaction for our kids?

Halloween’s trick-or-treat is supposed to be a harmless custom of teasing and frolicking – so why all the symbols of death, ghosts and witches?  The very origin of the trick-or-treat tradition is based on the concept of extortion – by unlawfully demanding and obtaining something through the use of force or the threat of infliction of some damage, pain or suffering.  Today’s adherents of Halloween say that they would never stoop to making victims of their benefactors – of course not!  But the thought is there.

And so this world embraces a celebration that foolishly has for its theme – goblins, skeletons, and frightening masks for tender little children.  When, a month earlier – they totally rejected a celebration of peace, joy, happiness and safety for little children – the Feast of Tabernacles.  The world is upside down – just like Washington DC is upside down – and now it is time to pay the piper.

Our nation was founded on Godly principles like freedom, justice, liberty, constitutional law and honesty.  They have been replaced with greed, jealousy, dishonesty and lawlessness.  Did you know that Halloween has not always been customary in America as it has become today?  The founding fathers of America refused to permit the holiday; because they knew it was a pagan holiday, and the Puritans of New England maintained a strong opposition to Halloween – based on its demonic precepts and practices.  Maybe – just maybe, the tide of America’s grandeur began to ebb when we lost our way and first began to speak those words, “Trick-or-Treat.”

Sermon:  "Trick-or-Treat"