Prayer Request

Dear Brethren,

There will be no live Sabbath service broadcast on May 16, 2015.

Sheldon Monson's operation was Tuesday. He was in pain and so weak the night before the operation that he needed help to stand. To everyone's surprise the Stage 4 adenocarcinoma of his intestines was not golf ball sized as initially reported, but instead was massive. This is what our daughter Joette knows as of today:

Sheldon's surgery went very well today. We had a team of two surgeons working on Sheldon for six hours - one an expert in gastrointestinal surgeries and one an expert in liver surgery. They were both very happy with the way the surgery went. First they removed the football size mass (yes, football) along with parts of the colon and obviously small intestine. The massive tumor miraculously did not invade nearby organs. The spleen and pancreas remained untouched which is very welcome news. They were able to go ahead and remove the two lesions on the liver (they took 15% of it) and the gallbladder during the procedure, thus avoiding additional surgeries, which was another blessing... While we had some of the best doctors in the world operating on him, it is obvious to us that God guided the whole process. Sheldon will remain in ICU overnight and then in the hospital for most, if not all of the next 7 days. (He won't be able to have visitors for at least several days). God has heard and answered the prayers from all of you. Thank you.

Brethren, your continued prayers are requested because Sheldon's condition is still an urgent matter.

Warren Zehrung