No Live Broadcast Today

Dear Brethren,

There will not be a live broadcast of Sabbath services today. But there are a few prayer requests that I want to bring to your attention.

Bob Born: Bob is our webmaster who has been of immeasurable help for many years. Bob and Jean Bornís son, Joseph (42), died unexpectedly at Bobís home on Monday morning. He had been ill the previous week but was thought to be on the road to recovery. Naturally, this tragedy has hit Bob and Jean very hard. Jean has been hospitalized as a result of this loss. Please keep Bob and Jean in your prayers that God will comfort and encourage them at this time.

Dan Angell had his fifth scheduled surgery this past week. This coming Thursday, Dan is scheduled for a high resolution PET Scan. A PET-CT scan is a way to find cancer and learn its stage. There is a good deal of traveling involved which is difficult for Dan and Shirley, as well as the brethren who are assisting them. Danís cancer is a very aggressive one and this procedure is of a critical nature. Please pray that everything goes well for a very precise diagnosis.

And, please keep all the other brethren in your prayers as well, as more than a few are dealing with some serious health matters. Please have a peaceful and restful Sabbath.


PS: For those planning on the second Passover and Footwashing this year, it will be observed this evening, Saturday, May 21, just after sunset.

Sermon:  "No Live Broadcast Today"