In today's chaotic world, the sanctity of marriage is all but lost. Marriage, as an institution, is being rejected as unnecessary and out of date. God’s view of marriage is entirely different. God designed marriage for a purpose. The sacred establishment of marriage is under attack by Satan because it is the foundation upon which the family and society is founded.

Though marriage is a physical union, it is a divine institution established by God at creation. When God made Adam, He realized that there was no one to help Adam, and no one to be his mate. Adam needed someone to complement him physically, emotionally, psychologically, and especially, spiritually.

“The Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an helper, comparable to him.” (Genesis 2:18)

Then God created Eve, a counterpart for Adam, and together, man and woman were complete. They were the first human family. It is God’s intention that a husband and wife, together, reach the pinnacle of love and unity.

In a Godly marriage between two called-out and converted Christians, there exists a covenant, not only between the man and wife, but also with God. The man vows with God and his wife, while the wife vows with God and her husband. For this reason, a marriage between two of God’s people rises to the level of a God-plane relationship.

The purpose of a Godly marriage is, first of all, for each partner to help complete the spiritual development and character within their spouse. It is the solemn duty of each spouse to help their mate achieve their full spiritual potential. In so doing, each spouse will ultimately arrive at the highest place in God’s kingdom that is attainable.

God will use the “good” marriages of today as beautiful examples to all those in the world tomorrow. If you search the Scriptures, you will find very few exemplary marriages. It is God’s intention, and with His help, that wonderful marriages are absolutely possible at this time.

One of the greatest blessings from God in this life is a happy marriage. Marriage reflects the exact picture of Jesus Christ and His loving relationship with His Church. Sadly, few marriages reach the level of marital harmony that God intended. Too many marriages are plagued with anger and resentment. As with all things, God has given us instructions on how to have a happy and successful marriage.

This series of sermon tapes deals with the important lessons needed to develop and maintain a successful marriage. These sermons address, from the Biblical perspective, the institution of marriage, the role of husbands and wives, divorce and remarriage, and how to achieve a Godly marriage.

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Date Transcript Real MP3  
Pleased to Dwell (1 Corinthians 7) 06 Aug 11  
Throw Another Log On The Fire 14 Dec 02    
God Plane Marriage 28 Dec 02    
Divorce and Re-Marriage 15 Mar 03  
Marriage is for Life 22 Mar 03    
Only in the Lord 10 Jan 04    
Proverbs 31 Woman 30 Jul 05    
A Magnificent Reality 20 Sep 03    
Proverbs 31 Man 06 Aug 05    
Marriage of the Lamb 22 Oct 05    
Hindered Prayer 01 Aug 09    

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Date Transcript Real MP3  

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