The Old Testament Passover

Dear Brethren,

What is the real name of the Old Testament Passover?  Too many people regard the events of the Old Testament as "old fashioned."  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  The concept and meaning of Passover was established before the foundation of the world.  ". . . the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world" (Revelation 13:8). Jesus Christ Himself, the God of the Old Testament, gives the Old Testament Passover its authentic name, "The Lord's Passover."  Leviticus 23:5 "In the fourteenth day of the first month at even is the LORD'S Passover."

As we approach Passover, it will help our understanding to look at the differences between the Old Testament Passover and the New Testament Passover.  They are not the same.  As would be expected, the Old leads into the New.  Passover is about "redemption."  It is fundamental that we get the picture of what redemption means.  Redemption means to "purchase back," to "buy back," something previously sold.  Redemption means to "set free by paying a price," or to "recover ownership by way of payment."  As used with regard to the Old Testament Passover, God redeemed Israel by executing judgment on the Egyptians.  To drive the point home, God then required Israel to "redeem" or "buy back" from Him all the firstborn males.  "...all the firstborn of man among thy children shalt thou redeem." (Exodus 13:13)  If we do not understand the Old Testament Passover, then our understanding of Jesus Christ as redeemer is limited.

The Old Testament Passover commemorates the redemption of Israel from Egyptian bondage by the death of all Egypt's firstborn.  At that first Passover, God delivered Israel from the bondage of Egyptian slavery.  God told Moses, "Wherefore say unto the children of Israel, I am the Lord, and I will bring you out from under the burdens of the Egyptians, and I will rid you out of their bondage, and I will redeem you with a stretched out arm, and with great judgments."  (Exodus 6:6)  Jesus redeemed Israel from slavery.

Jesus Christ did much in redeeming Israel from the Egyptians.  He purchased His people Israel.  He saved them from their enemies.  He delivered them from Egypt.  He gave them a home territory.  There was always a price for Jesus to pay to redeem His people from the consequences of sin.  In the New Testament, the ultimate price of redemption is paid by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, Himself.  Passover is a picture of Jesus, the Messiah, redeeming us, spiritual Israel, from our sins.  Jesus Christ redeems us today from sin and its consequences so that we can live in accordance with His perfect will.


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